Crochet Swag

As I’m always trying new things about blogging, I thought I’d go back to using WordPress and start things off by talking about a recent purchase that was made. Before I get into that, however, I’d like to first say that I started to learn how to crochet around May of 2014 when I asked an aunt to teach me the basics. I started out okay and since then have discovered that YouTube is a godsend when it comes to figuring out stitches! While I’m a visual learner, books and pictures only go so far, so I’m very grateful to all the wonderful yarnbenders out there who have posted their YouTube videos, tutorials, etc. I wouldn’t have gotten past the basics without them! But, now, onto today’s haul. :)

As a Michigander, it seems like it’s almost a requirement to visit Frankenmuth at least once in your life. If it seems like you’re a relative of a Christmas ornament collector like I am, you get pulled into trips to Michigan’s Little Baveria more than once a year. Now that I’ve kept up with crocheting since learning last year, I see a lot more trips to Frankenmuth in the future because there is this great little yarn and gift shop up there called Rapunzel’s. It has a decent selection of yarn that you don’t necessarily find at Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s. Is the yarn a bit pricier? Yes, but that’s usually because they’re getting their yarn from independent fiber mills instead of brand names like Red Heart, just to use as an example.

Michigan produced yarn by Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Sage and Antique Rose
Michigan produced yarn by Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Sage and Antique Rose

Don’t get me wrong, however. I love all the yarn that I find at the chain stores–they have so much!–but some brands aren’t as… wearable, for lack of a better term, as others. I’m slowly and finally noticing that getting the pricier yarns is usually the better buy because the yarn is softer against the skin. Such is the two hanks I got today by the Stonehedge Fiber Mill that’s located in East Jordan, MI (yes, local yarn!). Their Shepherd’s Wool yarn is made from a Merino top based on their website description and compared to some of my other yarn, you can definitely tell the difference. My mom picked out the colors of Sage and Antique Rose and both hanks measure at 250 yds each. The lovely sales associate even wound the hanks into balls for me when I asked if they’d be able to do it since I don’t have a winder of my own (yet, lol).

In addition to the yarn that I acquired, I’m really excited about the books (and booklet) I got as well. The same sales associated that wound my yarn also suggested a couple titles such as Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan, but I have to admit that I was really excited when I found the crochet edition of Stitch ‘n Bitch XD. I was also really happy to find that Leisure Arts made a second booklet of their Celebrity Slouchy Beanies that I cannot wait to try out! When I showed a particular pattern to friends, a request was made of me to make them one. Sadly, I have to add it to my queue as I’ve got other requests to finish first. Still… cannot. wait.

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