Rippling Spring Blanket, Part I

chevronoverallSo I’ve already started working on this Chevron/Ripple blanket mentioned yesterday (I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait!) and I’m loving how nice the Shepherd’s Wool is working out–The Sage colorway is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see how it’ll look with the White and Antique Rose. While the pattern calls for a certain number of rows for each color, I’m thinking of adapting it to the length of my crochet hook for the Sage and Antique Rose and two rows of White between each color. Hm, maybe one, depending on how it looks, lol!

My only concern thus far (I know, so little progress XD) is the end of my rows:

They don’t seem to be, erm… straight like the edge of, let’s say, a scarf. Is that due to the nature of a chevron/ripple pattern? Or have I gone and mucked something up?

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