I Return With a Book Review!

Well, it’s certainly been a while since last I communicated, but the book I mention is now another addition to my read shelf. On Goodreads, I gave Midnight Crossroad three stars, but my rating for the book is more like three and a half stars. This is probably due to a lot of comparison between Harris’ latest series, Midnight, Texas, and the series that made her so well known: The Southern Vampire Mysteries (or better known as the Sookie Stackhouse series). Given the latter’s popularity–and enjoyment from this reader–it was difficult not to compare them. One thing is for sure, however, and that neither series is alike in tone.

In the Sookie Stackhouse series, it’s tone almost had a hokey, tongue-in-cheek, somewhat campy feeling. Admittedly, this is my personal opinion on the tone of Harris’ previous series and whether or not that was intentional on her part, I have no idea. Midnight Crossroad is (somewhat) absent of most of that, however, and instead I got a laidback feeling. Unfortunately, that laidback extended into the pacing of approximately the first 10 chapters. If you stick it out, around chapter 10 or so is when things start to finally get interesting. At that point, I couldn’t put the book down much.

The second difference is the perspective that both series is told from. In the Sookie Stackhouse novels, it’s told from Sookie’s perspective in the first person. Midnight Crossroad is not only told in the third person, but from the different points of view from several characters. I get the feeling, however, that the story is really told from Manfred Bernado’s perspective, a psychic that recently moves into the (very) small Texas town, Midnight.

In another review, I read that the Midnight, Texas series takes place in the same universe as the Sookie Stackhouse books. But, keeping that in mind, there are aspects of the vampires in that series that don’t seem to be present in this one which I think works in it’s favor as being something different but the same… sort of. What also struck me as interesting is that the close knit citizens of Midnight seem much more like relateable, ordinary people. Except that about half of the group is not… And everyone in Midnight holds a secret.

In all, I did end up enjoying the debut novel of this new series and I am certainly looking forward to reading the next novel, recently released entitled, Day Shift. If you enjoy slice-of-life type reads, urban fantasy, and don’t mind when things have a slow start, Midnight Crossroad can be an enjoyable read.

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