I’ve been too long, I’m glad to be back

Yes, I’m let loose/From the noose/That’s kept me hanging around

Ok, perhaps not, but it’s time to return to WordPress. In the eight months that I’ve been away, I’ve been trying my hand at posting to Instagram and Tumblr since I see a lot of activity on the feeds there versus what I see here. The results, however, have been mixed, if I’m honest.

Instagram has been great as an easy way of getting images of my WIPs out into cyberspace and I get what I consider a decent amount of interaction (I always get at least one “like” and sometimes a few comments). Tumblr, while easy to use, is not great at showing stats unless people are, again, interacting with the post. I found on that particular platform, I was only getting the interaction I was seeking when I mentioned or tagged certain users. Then I would get a lot of likes and even a couple of reblogs. That’s great, but not what I was looking for on a regular basis.

In the end, I’ve come to the conclusion that WordPress really is the superior blogging platform (I even tried Blogger for a little bit, but found limitations there that I did not like). I get to see who visits and I get to see who interacts with posts. That is, essentially, what I’ve been searching for (and, I think, what every blogger craves). So, congrats, WordPress, you’ve completely, 100% won me over. I’ll never leave you again!

On The Reading Front…

I’ve been steadily keeping up with my reading challenge this year. This month, I’m reading Maplecroft by Cherie Priest with a fellow buddy on Goodreads. So far, I’m enjoying the book very much–It has an interesting style and plenty of creep factor to make me a little anxious at night, lol. We’ll see if I end up doing another buddy read next month (I really kind of hope so, it’s been very fun discussing the book with a buddy).

On The Yarnbending Front…

I always have several WIPs, but I can safely say that I have one behind me and it’s currently in a home with a very happy little dude. (Go State!) I hope that the second blanket that is going out soon will end up with an equally happy recipient! Other projects include a couple of C2C‘s, something secret, and, because it’s March, I’ve been inspired to try my hand at a ripple blanket based on a pattern by Attic24. Colors that come to mind are green, white, and orange! :P

Image Source: Public Domain Archive

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