Bye, 2017

2017 was certainly a rollercoaster of a year. It was chock full of political, racial/ethnic, and even ethical upheavels. Personally, 2017 was a ride with many ups and many downs. I think I traveled to see extended family and friends last year more than I did in the last five years thanks to my cousin getting married. 2017 brought new life to friends and saw the unfortunate passing of loved ones. Due to this travel and other factors (an inconsistant retail schedule, some physical, some were just excuses), a lot of the things I said I’d do got waylaid, put off, or weren’t completed (I’m looking at you, baby blankets). Inconsistency has been the bane of my existance for a majority of my life and something I struggle with constantly as a behavior of ADD. Thinking of this, I’m reminded of a quote by Thomas Edison that’s always resonated with me:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

2018 is going to be my year of Trying One More Time. As recently posted on By Rochelle, I also want my word-of-the-year to be Consistent, even if that means just trying one more time to do something. I want to try to meet personal deadlines consistently and not give in to excuses like, I can do that tomorrow; I want to read two books a month; I want to make healthier eating choices and feel healthier because physically feeling like crap every other month isn’t fun, guys. Seriously. In all, I want to make consistent choices that make me feel good in making and not beat myself up if I miss a couple days or feel guilty about it.


All of this is going to take a lot effort—Probably more than I realize at the time of writing this—and I’m going to need help in the form of planning to make it possible.


Since I started using a planner again in 2016 and discovering Bullet Journal (BuJo) around August/September of that year, I’ve tried and used a few other planners/systems. Looking back on my planning journey, I feel like I leaned toward consistency better using the BuJo system so going into 2018, that is the planning system I will be focusing on and using to help me achieve my goals this year. What do I want to accomplish or consistnetly do this year? Well, here’s a list because I love me some lists (which is probably why I keep going back to the BuJo lol):

  • Read 2 books a month (and not beat myself up if I don’t).
  • Make healthier food & drink choices (and allow for cheating now and then when I choose to eat McDonald’s or have an extra pop).
  • Deep clean my room (fingers crossed that I can do this next week).
  • Pick 3 – 4 areas of the house to clean each week (and not beat myself up if I only get to 1 or 2).
  • Walk more/get more steps in.
  • Start asking myself the hard questions: Do I Need This? Or Do I Want This? (I’m looking at you, planner supplies).
  • Get a 401k or IRA.

Some of these are certainly doable goals. Others are going to be a struggle to become a long-term habit, but I hoping with the help of my BuJo, tips, and inspiration from the planning community, I accomplish most, if not all, of these this year! I’d like to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas that have helped you accomplish similar goals.

On a different, yet related note, if you’re looking for inexpensive alternatives for your BuJo supplies, I suggest heading to your local Michael’s and taking a look at their new journaling feature aisle. They offer a variety of journals with various cover designs and now sell Tombow dual brush pens individually in addition to the 10 color packs (also lots of other brand pens and markers). The supplies featured in this post are…

  • Artist Loft™ dot grid journal (raspberry?, $5.00)*
  • Recollections™ crystal pen (black, $4.99)
  • Create 365™ The Happy Planner™ pen holders (2ct, $4.99)
  • Crayola® Super Tips (50ct, $9.99)

*The journal is part of the Every Day Value program, so a coupon and other discounts can’t be applied to the item

Featured Image by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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