Day One of One Month in my Bujo

For the month of June, I decided to dedicate one page to each day:

Each day has a header featuring…

  • The day of the week
  • The date
  • The weather
  • And important info such as appointments/events, work shifts and very important tasks that absolutely need to be done that day.

The rest of the page is devoted to my tasks with space to journal. You might be asking why one page for one day and the answer is pretty simple: Over the course of a couple months, I found that I enjoyed journaling even though I didn’t do it consistently. While the spreads I saw for two or three lines a day was great, they didn’t accommodate for the days I had more to write and I was reluctant to break up the spread over the course of a month. After some thinking, I came up with an easy to setup design.

What about you? Do you journal on a daily basis? Do you have a dedicated spread for it or do you journal wherever in your notebook?

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