One Month in my Bujo (June Set-up)

Recently, I’ve been binge-watching the YouTube channel of Kara Benz (aka, Boho Berry). Specifically, her One Month in My Digital Planner series and I’m inspired to try it myself with my plain ol’ paper and pen notebook. I’m also migrating to a new one for a fresh start (just too many mistakes and spreads glued together that I just didn’t want to open the darn thing anymore without cringing).

Above is my key and the start of my Index, while below you’ll see my reading challenge or, as it’s listed on the Index, the books I’ve read and plan to read in 2018:


I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve become obsessed with Kevin Hearne’s series, The Iron Druid. I’ve added more books to break up the cycle and I plan on re-reading and continuing The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher since I kind of fell off that wagon around 2012.

For June, I decided to go with a palm leaves/tropical theme because it’ll be the start of summer this month. To be honest, though, it’s already starting to feel like summer where I live (ugh, the humidity! T_T).

My apologies for the watermark at the bottom, I was unaware it would do that when I saved it. Since my calendar contains some sensitive info, the Amino app has a blurring capability built into it’s iOS version.

And that’s it for now! I’ll be posting a Day One entry later today and if not then definitely tomorrow!

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