How I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways… NOT!

As much as I love Spring and Autumn, I also dread those times of year because of the havoc they wreck on my head. All those days with changing weather means changes in barometric pressure which means I’m wrestling with a migraine quite frequently. :: shakes fist at the sky :: Darn you, Mother Nature! Speaking of that vixen, that always reminds me of this comic strip, 4-Panel-Life and the comic strip they did called Lady Life.

So Long and Thanks for all the Pepsi.

Day #2 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week has bloggers setting aside their needles and hooks to talk about the person behind all that yarn. In short, we’re supposed to talk about ourselves–in as detailed or not-so-detailed fashion–about something other than yarnbending (or at least that was the gist I got?). With that in mind, I’m just… gonna dive in and apologize in advance if I go off on a tangent, lol.

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