Day Eight – One Month in my Bujo

So, a few days were missed, but considering my daily layout hasn’t changed very much, I think that’s ok ;). What I’d like to focus on today is a decorative/thematic element, which is the palm/tropical motif I mentioned earlier this month.

About six palm leaves stickers were used from MAMBI’s Student Icon value sticker book. How I was able to cover both pages with the stickers is pretty simple – I just cut the stickers in half at various points and carefully lined the stickers up with the line I made at the bottom of the page.

Later today, I’ll have Day 9 up featuring a cool page marker we made at the Planner Meetup last night.

What decorative elements or motifs do you like to put or use in your bullet journal?

Day Four – One Month in my Bujo

Not a lot happening today:


Of course, I made slight progress on some tasks after taking the picture! LOL #typical

After today, if you’d like to continue with me on my One Month journey, I recommend checking out my Instagram as that’ll be where I’ll post my dailies. However, if there is a significant change or something I’d like to highlight I will, of course, be posting that here.

Day Three – One Month in my Bujo

Since my layout for day-to-day things are going to be relatively the same, I’ll just get straight into posting a picture and if I add anything new, I’ll focus on that.


I started reading The Alienist last week and thought it would be a good idea to have a spread to jot things down that stood out to me so that I could review it later.

What spreads do you put in your Bujo aside from weekly or daily tasks?

Day Two – One Month in My Bujo

Before getting to today’s page/spread, I wanted to go back and highlight yesterday’s to show that it can accommodate a long task list and still have room left over to journal, if desired.

Today, I want to focus on how I use color in my Bujo. Color can be useful to draw the eye or, in this case, highlight important tasks. While I have a section to focus on important events or tasks, there are also others that need to be looked at or started.

I find this more useful than the Important signifier because it gives an increased feeling of importance and something to focus on. It doesn’t always mean I’ll get the task done, but it does keep it in my mental cook stove, if that makes sense.

What alternatives do use to highlight important tasks or gets you motivated to complete them?

Day One of One Month in my Bujo

For the month of June, I decided to dedicate one page to each day:

Each day has a header featuring…

  • The day of the week
  • The date
  • The weather
  • And important info such as appointments/events, work shifts and very important tasks that absolutely need to be done that day.

The rest of the page is devoted to my tasks with space to journal. You might be asking why one page for one day and the answer is pretty simple: Over the course of a couple months, I found that I enjoyed journaling even though I didn’t do it consistently. While the spreads I saw for two or three lines a day was great, they didn’t accommodate for the days I had more to write and I was reluctant to break up the spread over the course of a month. After some thinking, I came up with an easy to setup design.

What about you? Do you journal on a daily basis? Do you have a dedicated spread for it or do you journal wherever in your notebook?

Hello February!

As it’s the last full week of January, it’s time to look ahead to February. With a new month, comes a new thing to try in my BuJo and I’m really excited about it!


For the past few months, I’ve been getting the Felicity Jane subscription box and I’m really happy to finally use some of the super cute things that came with my recent box. It features the adorable coffee loving gal, Reagan, who wears a pretty pink knitted cap and light blue sweater. When I opened the box, she was perfect for February since I did NOT want to go with a typical pink/red theme. Continue reading “Hello February!”

Bye, 2017

2017 was certainly a rollercoaster of a year. It was chock full of political, racial/ethnic, and even ethical upheavels. Personally, 2017 was a ride with many ups and many downs. I think I traveled to see extended family and friends last year more than I did in the last five years thanks to my cousin getting married. 2017 brought new life to friends and saw the unfortunate passing of loved ones. Due to this travel and other factors (an inconsistant retail schedule, some physical, some were just excuses), a lot of the things I said I’d do got waylaid, put off, or weren’t completed (I’m looking at you, baby blankets). Inconsistency has been the bane of my existance for a majority of my life and something I struggle with constantly as a behavior of ADD. Thinking of this, I’m reminded of a quote by Thomas Edison that’s always resonated with me:

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Continue reading “Bye, 2017”