So Long and Thanks for all the Pepsi.

Day #2 of the Knitting and Crochet Blog Week has bloggers setting aside their needles and hooks to talk about the person behind all that yarn. In short, we’re supposed to talk about ourselves–in as detailed or not-so-detailed fashion–about something other than yarnbending (or at least that was the gist I got?). With that in mind, I’m just… gonna dive in and apologize in advance if I go off on a tangent, lol.

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If You Were Yarn

May 11th officially kicks off Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2015. The first topic of the week is “If You Were Yarn” and if you want to see what else will be discussed, head over to Eskimimi Makes and find out!

At first, I was going to talk about my love for Shepherd’s Wool again made by the Stonehedge Fiber Mill up in East Jordan, Michigan, but… I decided not to because…

  1. I’ve already talked about it, and…
  2. As much as I like the yarn, it’s not really “me.”

So what yarn am I? I think I’d be a 5 weight yarn, because let’s face it; Anyone that knows what I look like could probably say I’m on the bulky side ;P. But, what specific bulky yarn would I be? Hmm… After some thought (and looking through my stash), I ultimately decided that I’d be Lion’s Pride Woolspun yarn. Why the Woolspun line, you ask? WEEEELL…

  • It’s soft — like me.
  • It’s squishy — like me.
  • It’s understated — like the introvert in me.
  • It’s bold — even though I’m quiet, I do make the occasional bold statement.
  • It’s moody (maybe even versatile?) — there are colors for every mood I have! :P

What about you? If you were yarn, what would you be?

I thought it might be a fun and simple way to show the progress of current projects by snapping pics and posting them to Instagram. If you’re a fellow yarnbender (ie, crocheter or even a knitter!), feel free to follow me–I’ll most likely follow back. c:

Rippling Spring Blanket, Part I

chevronoverallSo I’ve already started working on this Chevron/Ripple blanket mentioned yesterday (I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait!) and I’m loving how nice the Shepherd’s Wool is working out–The Sage colorway is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see how it’ll look with the White and Antique Rose. While the pattern calls for a certain number of rows for each color, I’m thinking of adapting it to the length of my crochet hook for the Sage and Antique Rose and two rows of White between each color. Hm, maybe one, depending on how it looks, lol!

My only concern thus far (I know, so little progress XD) is the end of my rows:

They don’t seem to be, erm… straight like the edge of, let’s say, a scarf. Is that due to the nature of a chevron/ripple pattern? Or have I gone and mucked something up?

Here I Am!

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted so I thought I’d give a little status update, lol. Just got more yarn today (more of the same I mentioned here plus a couple hanks of white) and I’ve started working on a blanket since the yarn is so nice and soft that it would be nice for that kind of project. The pattern I chose is called Chevron Afghan/Blanket and it seems fairly easy, but we’ll see once I get three to five rows done. On the book front, there are a couple books I recently got (Asylum and Heartless) and I’m still reading The Edinburgh Dead, although I’ve taken a bit of a break from it (and I might pick up Asylum since it seems really interesting!). That’s about it, until next time! :)

Pop Star Slouchy Hat

I’m wondering if anyone else out there has worked on Leisure Art’s Pop Star Slouchy hat? Currently, I’m working on a practice gauge for a size H hook (as recommended by the label on the yarn I’m using even though the pattern itself lists a size I hook) and at about round 3 or 4, I’m starting to experience some ruffling of the fabric. It’s my understanding that is usually due to increasing too much, but, I also understand that due to the nature of certain types of stitches, the ruffling will happen anyway. I’m just wondering if I’ve increased too much, is it due to the hook, or is it to be expected?