Fall Colors

Yep. Fall colors. About a week or so ago, I had posted to Instagram and joked, “Only I would start a fall colors blanket on the first day of spring.” No lie, that’s exactly what I did after I gave up on the other ripple blanket I attempted to start three separate times with zero success.

This time around, however, I’m happy to report that this go around has proven to be much more successful than the last. I am almost 16 rows into the project and i haven’t had to start over once so that, to me, is significant progress! Due to that, I am very excited about this blanket and I can’t wait to finish it ♥.

I Guess?

Well, I finally figured out what I’d been doing wrong. I was basing my experience on Attic24’s Neat Ripple pattern when I was looking at another one for measurement and the number of chains for my starting chain. Who knew that 300 is a multiple of 12 and not 14? This girl sure didn’t. Math, as you might guess, is not my strong suit, and I looked up the multiples only after a few restarts.

So what pattern am I actually following? That would be Stephanie Gages Rugged Ripples pattern on Ravelry (which I found via VeryPink.com). It’s a pattern that calls for multiples of 12 instead of Attic24’s 14. The gist in both cases is the same, however, so instead of 4 DCs between decreases and increases, it’s 3. But, even after six rows, I’m still not sure if I’m working this pattern up correctly because it seems like every other row I come up short a stitch? So far, knock on wood,  it doesn’t look like my work is shrinking in width, but I guess I won’t know until I work up more of it. If all else fails, I’ll simply start a new one with a starting chain in a multiple of 14 this time. XD

Rippling Spring Blanket, Part I

chevronoverallSo I’ve already started working on this Chevron/Ripple blanket mentioned yesterday (I’m sorry, I couldn’t wait!) and I’m loving how nice the Shepherd’s Wool is working out–The Sage colorway is just gorgeous and I cannot wait to see how it’ll look with the White and Antique Rose. While the pattern calls for a certain number of rows for each color, I’m thinking of adapting it to the length of my crochet hook for the Sage and Antique Rose and two rows of White between each color. Hm, maybe one, depending on how it looks, lol!

My only concern thus far (I know, so little progress XD) is the end of my rows:

They don’t seem to be, erm… straight like the edge of, let’s say, a scarf. Is that due to the nature of a chevron/ripple pattern? Or have I gone and mucked something up?